• Orbit identified 
      in a blink of an eye a
      niche market and network that
      will change the shape of our
      new firm for years to come,

      The profitable ideas are infectious and second to none.

      Paul Dent | Principal
      Paul Dent Lawyers

    • The change that
      Orbit Strategies has
      made in a short period
      of time is nothing short
      of incredible. 

      Shane McCarthy | GM
      McCarthy Durie Lawyers

    • Dear Matthew,  Thank you for presenting at our recent Ipswich District Law Association seminar day.  The attendees and I found your presentation to be very informative, and a timely reminder to us, not only to focus on our existing clients, but to consider our overall approach to how we conduct our business.  You gave us all a number of tools to use to help us increase the value of our firms by analysing our strengths, opportunities, and building on what we already have. David Love | Legal Practitioner Director  and  DLA  Coordinator   Dale and Fallu Solicitors Pty Ltd

      Conference Speaker | Guest speaker
      District Law Association -Ipswich

    • Orbit Strategies provided our firm with much more than a business growth strategy. We now better understand our target market, have effective tools to attract them and vital implementation support to ensure our progress never stalls. Yes, Orbit injected motivation and confidence into or firm, but of course as accountants our proof is in the numbers: We're confident of producing additional revenue of $100,000 this year alone as a result of engaging Orbit Strategies. A good ROI is an understatement!

      Matt Brannelly | Orbit added $100,000 in revenue !
      CTBS Accountants-

  • How We Grow Your Profits

  • The Practice Growth Program is a comprehensive system for business growth developed specifically for law /  accounting  firms over 30 years.
    What does the program achieve?

    Major profit growth. Not subtle achievements, we’re talking about doubling the value of your law or accounting firm….if you  follow all our recommendations.

    How does it achieve it?
    By taking proven (unique) methods and adapting them to suit the requirements of your firm. Some key areas include:

    • STRATEGY PLANNING: Identify your current position, goals and best opportunities. Create a comprehensive strategy to achieve new targets
    • ORGANISATION: Getting your firm growth ready - identifying and overcoming roadblocks to growth.
    • MARKETING: Creating a marketing plan and overseeing the development and direction of all material
    • MAXIMISING CURRENT CLIENT VALUE: Educating clients to use your full array of services.
    • CREATING HIGH VALUE NETWORKS: Creating powerful collaborative relationships
    • RAINMAKING: Turning contacts into clients and introducing new clients to you.
    • IMPLEMENTATION: Doing, not talking. This is not a manual for you to follow on your own. We know you don’t have time to do it, so we get our hands dirty and do it for you.

    Is your current structure causing you to miss opportunities?
    Traditionally lawyers are reactive to demands from clients with matters being of a single transaction basis. As a result, law firm Good Will is valued significantly lower than an accounting firm which has repetitive workflow creating recurrent revenue streams.

    Additionally, lawyers are typically positioned as “hired guns“ that are identified by their expertise in a particular field. As a result, silos are built within firms based on technical areas, where clients may not be exposed to the other skills within the firm. As a result significant leakage of potential legal work may occur.

    A solution is to adopt a holistic approach to clients – where the lawyer’s role is to understand a client’s total business and personal affairs and provide pro active legal / business counsel. This requires a significant commitment by the lawyer, but in return a much broader relationship is developed which will lead to a range of financially significant benefits such as:

    • A significant Pipeline of future legal work is identified, increasing the Lifetime Future Value of a each client (double or triple)
    • A client value proposition that is systematized – therefore measurable and repeatable
    • Significantly increased current and future revenue streams – leading to a significant increase in business value
    • A unique value proposition to use to attract new clients

    Why focus all your attention on trying to attract new clients, when there is untapped potential in your current client base?
    This program will show you how to unlock this potential in respect of both existing and potential clients.