• Orbit identified 
      in a blink of an eye a
      niche market and network that
      will change the shape of our
      new firm for years to come,

      The profitable ideas are infectious and second to none.

      Paul Dent | Principal
      Paul Dent Lawyers

    • The change that
      Orbit Strategies has
      made in a short period
      of time is nothing short
      of incredible. 

      Shane McCarthy | GM
      McCarthy Durie Lawyers

    • Dear Matthew,  Thank you for presenting at our recent Ipswich District Law Association seminar day.  The attendees and I found your presentation to be very informative, and a timely reminder to us, not only to focus on our existing clients, but to consider our overall approach to how we conduct our business.  You gave us all a number of tools to use to help us increase the value of our firms by analysing our strengths, opportunities, and building on what we already have. David Love | Legal Practitioner Director  and  DLA  Coordinator   Dale and Fallu Solicitors Pty Ltd

      Conference Speaker | Guest speaker
      District Law Association -Ipswich

    • Orbit Strategies provided our firm with much more than a business growth strategy. We now better understand our target market, have effective tools to attract them and vital implementation support to ensure our progress never stalls. Yes, Orbit injected motivation and confidence into or firm, but of course as accountants our proof is in the numbers: We're confident of producing additional revenue of $100,000 this year alone as a result of engaging Orbit Strategies. A good ROI is an understatement!

      Matt Brannelly | Orbit added $100,000 in revenue !
      CTBS Accountants-

  • Succession proof your firm

  • Are you growing or going?
    The fact is, that business development should be an ongoing and evolutionary process. If you’re sitting still, you’re slowly going backwards and will surely be overtaken by your competitors.
    No matter what stage your business is at, or what stage you are at as a partner, business succession affects you and your firm greatly as the diagram below displays.
    Change of leadership is both a threat /risk and an opportunity if managed effectively.

    Partner / Practice Lifecycle:

    1. Legal Industry need
    The majority of firms have a combination of both senior and junior partners, who have similar objectives:

    • To optimise the value and profitability of the practice
    • To maximise the value of the good will of the firm eg relationships, client base, reputation
    • To make the firm attractive to recruit future employees and future partners

    2. Strategies to improve succession planning outcomes
    The following strategies all work towards improving the saleability of a practice and its long term viability:

    • Improved systems – database, financial reporting, office efficiencies, precedent management
    • Marketing and business development systems and processes
    • Strength of referral relationships and ability to transition to the next generation within each firm
    • Communication mechanisms to minimise client leakage
    • Strategies to Double the Future Lifetime Value of each client
    • A communication strategy for the transition of business ownership and leadership (from senior to junior partners)
    • A formal succession plan for the transition – a timed transition from equity to consultant
    • Clear brand and positioning message - refreshed and re invigorated to show clients the firm is growing (not stagnating).
    • A sense of purpose, specialisation and unique capability
    • Positioning as a unique business opportunity for an upcoming lawyer – which also supports recruitment and retention.

    3. Opportunity to absorb sole practitioner Firms

    LARGER FIRMS have an opportunity to provide a transition solution for sole practitioners from full time to part time .


    • Mechanism to transition to retirement
    • Reward for WIP
    • Recognition
    • Ability to work part time
    • Ensure clients are well served in future

    ACQUIRING FIRMS receive the following benefits :

    • A senior Consultant with a new set of relationships
    • A new client base to mine
    • New skills to the firm – even if only part time
    • Growth
    • Momentum in the market