• Orbit identified 
      in a blink of an eye a
      niche market and network that
      will change the shape of our
      new firm for years to come,

      The profitable ideas are infectious and second to none.

      Paul Dent | Principal
      Paul Dent Lawyers

    • The change that
      Orbit Strategies has
      made in a short period
      of time is nothing short
      of incredible. 

      Shane McCarthy | GM
      McCarthy Durie Lawyers

    • Dear Matthew,  Thank you for presenting at our recent Ipswich District Law Association seminar day.  The attendees and I found your presentation to be very informative, and a timely reminder to us, not only to focus on our existing clients, but to consider our overall approach to how we conduct our business.  You gave us all a number of tools to use to help us increase the value of our firms by analysing our strengths, opportunities, and building on what we already have. David Love | Legal Practitioner Director  and  DLA  Coordinator   Dale and Fallu Solicitors Pty Ltd

      Conference Speaker | Guest speaker
      District Law Association -Ipswich

    • Orbit Strategies provided our firm with much more than a business growth strategy. We now better understand our target market, have effective tools to attract them and vital implementation support to ensure our progress never stalls. Yes, Orbit injected motivation and confidence into or firm, but of course as accountants our proof is in the numbers: We're confident of producing additional revenue of $100,000 this year alone as a result of engaging Orbit Strategies. A good ROI is an understatement!

      Matt Brannelly | Orbit added $100,000 in revenue !
      CTBS Accountants-

  • Double the value of your law firm

  • Tired of business development and marketing being all talk and no action due to poor advice and lack of time?

    It’s a problem that most professional firms face, but only the most successful address. Being a great lawyer tends to come hand in hand with logging significant billable hours, leaving little time for business development & marketing. Making more time available means time away from profitable billable hours so the exercise gets shelved, given to the wrong person to handle or treated as a dip our toe in the water and hope for a miracle project. Most commonly, a marketing plan is created but never executed.
    These issues commonly faced by professional firms are the exact area of Orbit Strategies specialisation, driven by business expert Matt Brannelly. Some of the key issues addressed are:

    Unlocking hidden profits in your business
    Regardless of the age or success of the firm, there are always hidden profits which can instantly improve your bottom line (if you know how to identify them).

    Crafting a business development plan  
    After exploring your business operations, target market, opportunities and goals, we develop a completely tailored (not one size fits all) business development plan to grow your client base and your profit margins.

    Create high value reslationships
    In any business, the high value relationships are where the true profits lay. It comes back to the classic 80/20 scenario. Lets focus on the 20% of your clients who generate 80% of your revenue, then harness their potential, profile their similarities and attract more of the same.

    Establish your client value proposition
    What do you do (or could you do) better than everybody else?

    Create a marketing plan & oversee production
    At Orbit, we not only create a marketing plan tailored to suit your goals and budget, we also see it through. While most consutants will give you a plan and leave you wondering what to do with it, we oversee the projects from concept to completeion.

    Implement all of the above (not just talk about it)
    Without implementation, the entire process is a waste of time. We not only advise you what to do, we step in and literally do it for you ensuring two things.

    1: You can stay focused on what you’re good at - billable hours and running a law firm.
    2: The plan is executed to every last detail, ensuring that you see real results.


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